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Spring iO Barcelona 2022

I have attended Spring IO in Barcelona in spring 2022. It was a well organised conference with a lot of lectures, few workshops, good food, great location, good aircon. And since it was the first bigger conference after Covid, it was sold out! I got a ticket for Spring 2020, which surprisingly was still valid. Anyway, here are my notes from workshops and sessions that I have attended.

Most of the videos and slides are being published on  Spring IO twitter: or youtube channel:

Saturday started with a workshop

There was a 20 minute intro about various containers (docker, pack, git). Then we each got a virtual machine to which we connected and experimented with various image types. In the end we spent most of the time copy/pasting stuff from github repo to vm. But it was nicely explained what every command ford and it did gave me the overview and some hands on experience.

Which was ok with message being that you should not force the coders to extend your classes implementing your common functionality, but instead use the spring boot mechanisms (starters, imports, filters) and annotations. This way developers work with standard spring and do not have to learn a lot of custom code.

Was one of the worst sessions. I learned a definition of the event and then I fell asleep. The sleep was more informative then the session which in the end did not really sell the Apache Pulsar that much.

It was a brief introduction to Hilla framework with some live coding showcasing the framework strengths. It made me with to try the framework. Looks like a cool evolution of vaadin framework with network typescript layer generated from java backend types and endpoints and out of the box support for websockets and events. Out of the box support for push notifications looks interesting.

I like Josh, he is an entertainer turned advocate, or advocate turned entertainer. His high energy showcases are fun and I learned something too. A little bit shallow, but wide live coding  session showcasing spring native and some other spring boot stuff.

Sunday started with a session Securing SPAs with Spring

I really liked this one. Well prepared live coding with scenarios showcasing different hacker attacks and how to mitigate them. He ended with an app that looked well secured against well known attacks:

Well I was expecting a little bit more indepth look. In the end I got a session that said that a tool exists, you can run it this way and open the recodings this way. Not much in a way of real ussage. A basic tutorial online does the same.

It gave a good overview over what open telemetry is and where it is going and why its needed.

Spring has finally a native graphql support. Great introduction, want to try that.

From company that provides a product as code for customisation both on free and payed tier. It was really interesting to watch. It showed how much the spring boot stuff is complex when you dig deep and want to build and extensible framework. On the other hand, the result looked good … albeit with a lot of magic.

Well I got to know that we don’t have to strictly stick to 3 layered architecture. The message was simple yet the way to it was 45 minutes long. It is too long for the message it gave, but on the other hand it was funny in the way that only Germans can be funny.

Finally I got to know what pulsar is and why should I care about it. Chilled Dude which flyed though 100+ slides in 30 minutes with 100+ “pretty straightforward” in every sentence. But I kind of got curious about Pulsar as it seems to know a lot.

The best real life experience sharing sessions from the conference. Carlos Saona-Vazquez described their way from monolith to microservices. Why they did it (team size), how they exchange information between services (events),  what is inside those events. How they try to make sense of all data domains.


Corsica GR20 trip

I spent this year’s vacation in Corsica mountains walking the half of GR20 trail. See this page for more info about GR20. We hiked only the nothern half from Callenzana to Vizzavona and it was one of the best hikes I did. The landscape is beautiful and changes quite a lot during the trip.¬† I had to quit one day early as my shoes transformed into sandals and my big toe had a nail problem. Plus after 9 days in the mountains, I had enough of rocks and was really forward to have a nice meal, hot shower and sleep in decent bed. Photos inside the article.


Malaysia trip

I really enjoyed travelling through Malaysia. We travelled for 17 days visiting most of “top” places on the continental Malaysia¬†east coast: Kuala Lumpur -> Cameron Highlands -> Penang / George Town -> Langkawi -> Singapore and back to Kuala Lumpur.


Indonesia trip

I had some free time during this chrismas holiday, so here are all my photos from my trip to Indonesia in July 2013.