Corsica GR20 trip

I spent this year’s vacation in Corsica mountains walking the half of GR20 trail. See this page for more info about GR20. We hiked only the nothern half from Callenzana to Vizzavona.  I had to quit one day early as my shoes transformed into sandals and my big toe had a nail problem. Plus after 9 days in the mountains, I had enough of rocks and was really forward to have a nice meal, hot shower and sleep in decent bed. Photos inside the article.

Weather was really good for the entire trip. Sunny and reasonably hot (in the mountains, down in Corte was too hot without aircon). The trail was full of people even though the season just started. One part of the trail was closed (few people died just few week before), but a new trail was marked … even harder than the original section.

IMG_7878GR20 is hard, but I’m not sure it is the hardest long distance trek as some webs are claiming. Maybe it was thanks to the excellent weather we had for the whole time, but only few sections required climbing and the whole trail was quite in good shape (spoken after many treks in the Alps). But it is true that the length is really hard on knees, feet and your body overall. I brought wrong (but comfortable) shoes which did not last and gave up on 8th day and turned to sandals. But I also saw several people patching up blisters or whole feet :).

Big thanks to Tomas for organizing the trip and Michal and Jirka for putting out with my slow pace :).