Spring Boot & Kotlin & Jooq

Last year I dabbled with Kotlin during Advent of code. This year as I’ still not using Kotlin daily at work, I decided to make something a little more practical … code a webserver using Kotlin. It will be an ongoing project for December, but I’m starting to write my notes down so I don’t forget them.

Since the energy crisis is happening here in Czech Republic, I will make “MyHome” server which will:

  • Make an inventory of all my items/appliances at my home. What is where, what is under warranty, and so on.
  • Enable me to monitor energy consumption and upkeeps for each item (electricity of a fridge, diesel for my car, upkeep for my car)
  • Monitor list or item rentals to my friends.

So its Kotlin webserver app and I chose Spring Boot and JOOQ. Spring Boot as I need to brush up on my Spring skillz, JOOQ because we are using it on current project and I quite like the no bullshit, no magic, we love SQL approach.

The plan is to eventually several technologies that I was not able to get my hands on:

  • Native Image with Graal and Sprint 6 (around the corner)
  • GraphQL API
  • Security with JWT
  • Multi tenant experiments
  • Frontend/full stack framework Hilla
  • Frontend with React or Flutter

MyHome project code is public on Github:

Main/Master will hold the most current version, branches with checkpoint-xx will be snapshots of some functionality.